NASHO held a highly successful Workshop on Social Housing and Urban Regeneration in Johannesburg on 23rd – 24th February.  It was well attended by reps from 4 Metros, SHI’s in the metro areas, DPME and Treasury as well as a number of other agencies engaged in Urban Regeneration.  We also had an international input from Canadian and French practitioners.

There was much information and analysis sharing and importantly excellent networking between different organisations involved in this work.  It has provided a firm base and increased clarity in the work we will do in this area during the coming 2 years.  You can see some the different presentations plus summary of the key issues and directions on the NASHO websites.  You will hear much more on these initiatives in the coming months and hopefully the NASHO SHIs will make an important contribution to working with Metros and other partners to forward this critical location for Social Housing.  More next month.

Below are the presentations from the workshop: