Housing Association East London


HAEL is a social housing organisation that was established in 1998. It was set up with the intention of improving the housing situation and the living conditions of the low to middle income families in East London. Specifically it was to focus on the provision of affordable rental housing and other sustainable tenure options. In doing so it was intended to help with greater economic and racial integration of the city. HAEL started the first development of 150 rental units at Belgravia Valley Phase 1 in 1999. The second development of 288 rental units formed part of Belgravia Valley Phase 2 and was completed in 2001. These units were partly financed through a subsidy provided by the Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Housing. We plan to increase our housing stock with the development of Belgravia Valley Phase 3. Here we will provide a mix of accommodation to different income groups. This will strengthen our ability to provide good quality accommodation for lower to middle income households in Buffalo City. We have an office in Buffalo City from where we organise the management of the stock. This includes providing a good maintenance service. HAEL will continue to provide greater choice of good quality accommodation for low income and middle income households in Buffalo City.

Number of projects:     2      
Total number of units managed:     438      
Estimated number of tenants:     878      
Contact number:     043 706 3800