Johannesburg Housing Company


JHC is a non-governmental, non profit company, established in 1995. Over the past 21 years JHC has developed innovative solutions to meet the housing needs of low-and moderate-income people seeking a home in the city. Through slum clean-ups, building upgrades, refurbishments and conversions, as well as new-build projects, JHC has developed 4 293 homes mainly in the inner city of Johannesburg. It has increased inner city housing stock by about 10% and has transformed what were once decaying buildings to provide decent rental accommodation. JHC now owns 31 buildings and provides homes to more than 12 000 men, women and children. We do not merely strive to provide quality housing, but to create homes and develop secure and vibrant neighbourhoods. Our subsidiary Makhulong a Matala runs projects on neighbourhood improvement and resident involvement. JHC is one of the founders and key partners of the eKhaya project that has resulted in significant neighbourhood improvements in Hillbrow. JHC is unique in that it is driven by a social mission while it is managed with the skills, efficiencies and discipline of sound business practice and good governance that ensure its long-term sustainability. It has become a dynamic development organisation which is recognised as a reliable custodian of public and private funds and a trusted partner of communities, business and government. Internationally and at home, JHC has won various awards for delivering innovative, practical and sustainable housing solutions and its contribution to regeneration of the City of Johannesburg.


Number of projects:     31      
Total number of units managed:     4293     
Estimated number of tenants:     12 000      
Contact number:     010 593 0200