Johannesburg Social Housing Company


The Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO) received its mandate in March 2004 to help eradicate the housing backlog in the City of Johannesburg. JOSHCO is solely owned by the City of Johannesburg. Our stock of 6981 units is dispersed across different parts of the city. We house an estimated 24330 people. Some of the older stock was originally developed and managed by the City of Johannesburg. The newer stock was developed by JOSHCO. It consists of units of different sizes in a number of different types of developments including new build, renovation, hostel upgrade and refurbishments. All of the stock is managed by the JOSHCO team that is continually striving to improve the quality of management and maintenance of these homes. We are presently the largest social housing institution in the country. We have a development programme that ensures we keep on producing new units and we will take on more of the City of Johannesburg stock over time.

Number of projects:     19      
Total number of units managed:     6981      
Estimated number of tenants:     24 330     
Contact number:     011 406 7300