Madulammoho Housing Association


Madulammoho Housing Association (MHA) is a non profit social housing company. Our main goal is to provide sustainable and affordable rental housing solutions to low income earners.

We were established in 2004 to develop and manageshared rooms and communal rental stock for lowincome homeless people in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.We have expanded to develop self contained flats. Thismeans that we have accommodation for a range oflower income groups and households can move up anddown the housing ‘ladder’ as their income changesbut still benefit from our well managed service.

We now successfully manage 1557 affordable rental units in seven projects in the inner city of Johannesburg. Experience in Hillbrow has shown that there is a huge demand for affordable rental accommodation. The challenge is the proper management of this stock. It is our strong management in co-operation with our tenants that has made us so successful.

We believe that it is not sufficient just to provide housing. We work to improve the overall living circumstances of our tenants and the quality of the neighbourhoods in which they live. We do this in partnership with MES who provide a full range of social and employment services to MHA and its tenants.

Our success is reflected in the numerous awards we have received in the fields of both housing and community development.


Number of projects:     7      
Total number of units managed:     1557     
Estimated number of tenants:     3 000      
Contact number:     011 725 3284