4 Key Programmes

Our 4 Key Programmes

1. Information & Advocacy

The collecting of information and analysis to keep stakeholders informed of developments in the sector.  At the same time to develop approaches and opportunities to use such information to lobby for ...

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2. Capacity Development

Capacity Development Unit (CDU) NASHOs CDU offers a range of standard and customisable training courses meant to build the capacity of SHI staff as well as that of municipal and provincial actors resp...

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2016 Training Calendar

The coming out of the 2016 training calendar Forecasters are telling us that 2016 will be one of difficult year economically for South Africa.  We have seen in the recent past the continued plummetin...

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3. TSC

Technical Services Centre (TSC) NASHOs TSC provides SHIs with guidance as they seek to realise cost effective housing projects. Findings show that building an maintenance costs are comparatively highe...

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