NASHO is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with a registered constitution.

The NASHO structure is formed by the National Council (NC), the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Provincial Executive Committees (PEC). The NEC is composed of the National Office Bearers, elected for a period of two years, as well as the Chairperson of each PEC.

National Council (NC)

The National Council is represented by all accredited members.

National Executive Council (NEC)

National Office Bearers (NOB) who currently comprise of:

  • Lawrence Ramashamole – Chairperson
  • Thomas Ntuli – Vice Chairperson
  • Andrew Wiseman – Treasurer

National Executive Council (NEC)

  • Lawrence Ramashamole
  • Thomas Ntuli
  • Andrew Wiseman
  • Ismail Khatib
  • George Xaba
  • Neil Erasmus

Provincial Executive Committees (PEC)

NASHO has committees in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Kwa Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga
The aims of the regions are to ensure strategic local presence in social rental housing activities, the transfer of knowledge, sharing of information and encouragement of networks.

  • Western Cape Chairperson – to be elected at their next meeting
  • Andrew Wiseman – Eastern Cape Chairperson
  • Neil Erasmus – Gauteng Chairperson
  • Ismail Khatib – KwaZulu Natal Chairperson
  • George Xaba – Mpumalanga Chairperson