Building the future

NASHO’s primary objective is to assist to build a strong and sustainable social housing sector in South Africa with Social Housing Institutions at the heart of the delivery.

Who is NASHO?

The National Association of Social Housing Organisations – NASHO – is an independent member-based association of 13 social housing institutions (SHIs) across South Africa and 2 support organisations.

NASHO was formed at an inaugural congress held in May 2002 and formally launched by the then National Housing Minister, Sankie Mthembi-Mahanyele.

What does NASHO do?

Ensure that the Social Housing sector grows and is strong and sustainable NASHO by providing the following services:

  • Information and publicity about Social Housing
  • Research,
  • Advocacy,
  • Development of capacity of SHIs and other stakeholders
  • Technical advice and assistance
  • Developing innovative support projects

For over a decade,

NASHO has been fulfilling the roles of: Facilitator, Expert, Advocate and Trainer –  learn more about what we do.

Social Housing in action

Equal Spaces

The Equal Spaces: Social Housing to End Spatial Apartheid in South Africa Project is part of the bilateral development program between the Governments of Canada and South Africa.

Our SHI Members

NASHO does not deal with queries about properties available for rent. For such enquiries the person should contact the SHI directly.
You can do so using the details of our members in this section.