Key Programmes

Social Housing in action

Equal Spaces

The Equal Spaces: Social Housing to End Spatial Apartheid in South Africa Project is part of the bilateral development program between the Governments of Canada and South Africa.

Equal Spaces Programme

The intent of the Project is to revitalize inner city urban communities using well-managed, affordable and secure social housing developments to provide access to socio-economic opportunities that will both alleviate poverty and contribute to economic growth. The Project is working directly with the National Departments of Treasury; Human Settlements; and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency. It is also working with the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA); the National Association of Social Housing Organizations (NASHO); and, with a range of stakeholders including provincial and municipal governments, social housing institutions (SHIs), community organizations, financial institutions and the private sector. It also involves numerous Canadian partner organizations

The Project has two immediate outcomes. They are:

  1. Strengthened capacity of urban regeneration stakeholders (government departments and agencies, social housing institutions, financial institutions, the private sector and local communities) to partner and deliver gender sensitive urban regeneration projects with significant social housing components;
  2. and Improved capacity of social housing institutions to effectively and efficiently develop and manage social housing projects in urban regeneration contexts.

Key Programmes

In order to be as effective as we can with the limited resources we have been entrusted with, NASHO focuses on these 4 Key Programmes