Key Programmes

Social Housing in action

Technical Services

NASHO’s TSC provides SHIs and municipalities with guidance, capacity development and direct project or programme support in their endeavours to realise cost effective social housing projects.

Technical Services Center

Findings show that, with a few notable exceptions, development and maintenance costs are comparatively higher in the social housing sector, and vary across an unacceptably wide range. This can be ascribed mainly to inadequate knowledge and understanding of the critical cost drivers, and a lack of insight and skill to manage the factors that influence costs, even when experienced developers and comptetent professional experts are employed to assist in delivering projects.

The Technical Services Centre was set up in 2012 to help members overcome these challenges through two main types of services: firstly developing generic technical guidelines and training modules available generally to the sector, and secondly the rendering of fee-based services to specific clients on request. Services are available on a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Improved understanding of cost drivers i.e. the factors that make up and influence both initial capital, and ongoing maintenance and operational costs, and the principles of economic life cycle assessment and design
  • Assistance with, and guidance on risk management, including selecting, planning and implementing most suitable delivery methods and contracting strategies
  • Guidance on selection, contracting, briefing and performance managing professional consultants
  • Acting as independent project review and monitoring consultant on projects
  • Assistance in cost estimating and modelling, and financial viability exercises
  • Guidance on improved building performance through greening of projects, both newbuilds and refurbishments or retrofits
  • Improved development process efficiency and cost management
  • Facilitation of Value Management and other trouble shooting processes to overcome stubborn blockages on projects
  • Assistance with, or actual conduction of building condition assessments, preparation of long-term maintenance plans and budgets
  • Training in any aspects of the above: in house/on the job, customised and generic, and also mentoring and coaching support to staff of organisations

Services are available to SHIs, both members and non-members of NASHO, to NGOs and private sector organisations operating in the affordable rental market, as well as municipalities who own rental stock, who are involved in CRU developments, or who merely wish to plan for and manage rental housing programmes.

This service is run primarily on a cost recovery basis, with services provided most often paid for by the participating organisations. For further information or to request a service please contact the NASHO office.

Key Programmes

In order to be as effective as we can with the limited resources we have been entrusted with, NASHO focuses on these 4 Key Programmes

In one of many of its projects over the past five years, the TSC has been assisting the City of Cape Town in planning and implementing the conversion of an underutilised workshop in Salt River (pictured above) into a transitional housing facility for homeless people occupying sites earmarked for social housing, and through the process, freeing up these sites for development. Construction is starting early March 2018, with completion planned for September 2018.